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Mama Wants Her Body Back - Advanced Workout

  • Ready to take your workout to the next level?
    Raise the intensity and your results in this full length total body workout that combines cardio, strength and core! And because you’re ready to step it up, the cardio surges in this video are extended to 1.5 to 2 minutes to help accelerate your results. 
Price: $19.99
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Mama Wants Her Arms Back

  • Ready to shape, tone and tighten your arms? This challenging and fun workout combines the best upper body movements with core intervals to give you the lean look and definition you are looking for!
Price: $19.99

Mama Wants Her Abs Back - Advanced Core

  • This fusion workout combines pilates-inspired exercises using the Bender Ball® that will tighten and target your entire midsection. Lisa guides you through a flowing power-packed exercise series that focuses on alignment and posture and gives you an advanced targeted core workout.
Price: $19.99

Mama Wants to Melt It Off - Cardio Party

  • When you are ready for some calorie burning, fat-melting fun, this is the video for you! Join the Mama Wants Her Body Back Instructor Team for their favorite cardio drills that will help you sweat it out and melt it off!
Price: $19.99

Mama Wants Her Booty Back

  • Get ready for an incredible legs and booty workout that works your core at the same time! You will not believe the results you will get with this combination of strength and core intervals. These unique exercises will target your backside giving you the lift and definition that you are looking for!
Price: $19.99

Available in DVD

Mama Wants Her Body Back - Included in Main Kit

  • 3 20-Minute Total Body Workouts
    This video offers you three, 20-minute total body workouts. This is the core of our Mama Wants™ workout series and should be the foundation of your workouts. 

    Each 20-minute workout consists of 5 mini workout rounds. These rounds contain the three key elements that every mom needs in their workout to get her body back - cardio, strength and core. Cardio to get you burning away the fat, strength to firm and tone your body and core, because mama definitely wants her abs back! 

    These workouts are specifically targeted for a mom's body and a mom's time. If we can endure the labor of childbirth, then mama - you can truly do anything!
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Available in DVD

Mama Wants Her Abs Back - Included in Main Kit

  • 3 10-Minute Ab Workouts
    This video offers you three, 10-minute targeted core workouts. They can be done alone or combined with another Mama Wants workout. 

    This video goes beyond traditional crunches and sit-ups and offers you unique, effective exercises to strengthen your core and flatten your abs.
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Mama Wants a Strong Body Sculpting Band

  • Take your workouts to the next level by incorporating greater resistance with the Mama Wants Resistance a Strong Body Sculpting Band
Price: $15.99
Bender Ball

Bender Ball

  • This 8" Bender Ball allows you to work your core in ways you can't do with standard crunches or large exercise balls. This unique workout incorporates Leslee Bender's Selective Stabilization™ method to bring you the best possible results. So you can sculpt beautiful abs fast! The Bender Ball is featured in Lisa's Mama Wants her Abd Back Advanced Core workout.
Price: $14.99