Yes! I Want My Body Back


Before Lisa's program weighed 300 pounds

"The doctor said 'Look, here's the deal, you either need to lose weight or you're not going to be alive to watch your daughter graduate from high school.' So that was my wake up call because the scale said 300. I didn't have the energy and the stamina to be able to provide as a mother and a wife at 300 pounds.

I started Lisa's program and I saw results almost immediately. I felt healthier, and now I've lost 135 pounds. I have so much energy, I'm constantly on the go, keeping up with my three year old and it humbles me that she looks up to me and emulates the things that I put in my mouth and the activities that I do.

I'm excited because the older she gets, the more we'll be able to do and experience that I would not be able to experience or give her those experiences if I wouldn't have achieved the fitness level that I'm at now."


"Carrying around 60 pounds for the past 6 years

I've been carrying around 60 pounds for the past 6 years, and now, I got a new body… a better body. I wasn't happy about the way I looked, but I didn't really know what to do about it, I thought it was just my genetics, I was just doomed to be big. I had this idea that I couldn't do as much as everybody else could do because that's what everyone has always told me my whole life is I couldn't do it. And so, it took a while for me to think, 'you know what, why? Why can't I do it? There's no reason. I can do it. I'm just as capable as anybody else.'

And then I started to see results, and the more results I saw then suddenly I was like I can do this. And everybody who has always told me I couldn't is wrong. I can do this and I can look good and I can be skinnier and healthier than I've ever been before."


"After I had my twins I was still 60 pounds overweight

After I had my twins I was still 60 pounds overweight. My abs were out to here. They were stretched out and everything was changed. When I made the decision to try Lisa's program, I said, 'OK, do you think I can get my body back? I'll try.' But was a little bit skeptical that I could ever be where I was before. And it works… it is all back and better. Honestly, I feel like my abs are the best ever.

I found something that I am so lucky I found, because it works. It's really a gift to moms, absolutely."


"Before I found Lisa's program... I tried everything

Before I found Lisa's program I think I tried a little bit of everything. I had different friends say 'you should try this' or 'you should try that'. I tried watching the number of calories that I ate, I tried reducing the number of carbs that I ate, I tried starving myself, I tried just eating fruits and vegetables. I tried everything I could think of. And then I started the program – Lisa's program – and I just felt amazing.

It's priceless. It gave me my confidence back. And even though I went from a size 14 to a size 0, my husband says the sexiest thing about me now isn't that  I wear a size 0, it's that I'm confident. I just enjoy my life so much more because I feel fit.

I almost felt like this was my final attempt, like I tried everything else. What else can I do? But when I started Lisa's program, I just felt amazing. I started to lose weight, but I also started to gain self confidence. And now, I love the fact that I got my body back!"


"I have two children, 17 years old and 9 years old

I have two children, 17 years old and 9 years old, and after having my second, I could not lose the weight. I tried dieting, I tried attending the gym, but there was nothing that changed the scale for me. What I realize now is I just didn't have the answers.

Once I got introduced to Lisa's program, the first week I lost five pounds and then every week after that I would lose one to two pounds. My children see a strong, very happy mom now.

For nine years I carried around weight that I didn't want. I would set dates of this Christmas, this new years, this will be my resolution. And year after year, it just never happened. And I wish I would have been introduced to this program a long time ago. I feel like the old me is back again."


"It was just amazing how easy it was for me to do it

After I had my son, I still weighed 220 pounds. And then I found Lisa's program and started doing it and it was just amazing how easy it was for me to do it. Because she's a mom and because she knows this and has been working in this area, she knows exactly the areas that moms have the trouble with, our tummies and getting our booties back. That's why she said 'lift that butt back where it goes'. I owe how I look now all to Lisa's program. I got my body back and it's all because of her.

This was the best decision I've ever made, using Lisa's program. It's the only reason I am what I am now. It's the only reason I lost the 70 pounds. If it weren't for this program, I would still be 220 pounds."


"I tried everything!

The cabbage soup diet, the heart diet where you eat the hot dogs three days a week, pretty much all of them. I lost 75 pounds in a year and a half and I've kept it off for three years. I wanted to get the weight off and be a great role model for my daughter and show her a healthy lifestyle."


"Been carrying around this 26 pounds for eight years

Being a mom is a big deal and it changes your whole lifestyle and who you are and the things you've given up to be a mom, and for most of us, the first thing we give up is our body.

I have been carrying around this 26 pounds for eight years, and in nine weeks I got my body back. And I've lost 25 inches – probably actually lost 26 inches if you count my double chin. It's just so fun to get on the scale now.

This program is really specific for moms and what happened to your body in motherhood."


"My husband actually told me not long ago 'I have my wife back.'

Every year we have a formal event that we have to attend and I wore a size 14 one year and then the next year I got to wear a size 4.

It felt wonderful to hear that from him because you lose so much of yourself when you have children and it was really nice to feel like I was gaining myself back. Not just my body, but my whole self."


"I love Mama Wants!

You have to start somewhere. It's the hardest part of anything, and you have to just say 'I can do this. I can make a change.' It's not about putting others first, or second, or you first, it's about just making the time to make yourself the best person that you can."


"I was overweight before I even was pregnant.

My story was not that I just bounced right back. I'm not one of those women who just has a baby and then they leave the hospital in their skinny jeans. No, that's, not what happened with me. I was overweight before I even was pregnant.

I didn't know were to start, but I knew that I was really, really unhappy with the way I looked, but more importantly I was unhappy with the way I felt.

Lisa gets it. She understands exactly what it takes for a mama to get her body back. She targets those, those little nasty mama zones that you think are never going to be the same again, and she flattens, lifts, and tightens it until you have a new body!

You can't put a price on this program. You can't put a price on how good you feel about yourself, how happy you are in your life. You can't put a price on that."


"This is the best I've ever looked!

I'm so proud of myself that I can set this example for my daughters. Everybody needs to be healthy, but I'm showing them how to do it and they see me doing it and they see me having fun and that's amazing.

Lisa knows what works for moms.  She knows what areas to target.  She knows how to give you positive feedback as your going, how to motivate you. I love it.  I feel like Lisa is in my living room with me being my personal trainer.

After three babies I got my body back. I love Mama Wants. It's amazing."


"I'm a great role model for my sons.

When I went into the hospital to give birth I was 188 pounds, and I'm only 5'1”. I hadn't realized that once I had the baby, I would go home with the same body. And that I would go home, and I wouldn't be pregnant, I wouldn't have that excuse, and I would be big. It's a shock. It was a huge shock to me.

Using Lisa's program has helped me feel like myself again. And a better self, because now I have two wonderful children, and I took the time and felt good enough about myself to know that I was important enough to workout, to feel great, and look healthy, and I hope I'm a great role model for my sons."


"I always had the little tummy roll from pregnancy

I always had the little tummy roll from pregnancy and I thought 'that's never going to go away, I mean if I had surgery or something'. And lo and behold, it's disappeared. It does feel really good to be a mom and be in good shape, be fit. A fit mom, that rocks."

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