Yes! I Want My Body Back

Lisa Druxman

Creator of Mama Wants® Her Body Back

Lisa has been in the fitness industry for 20 years. Over the last decade Lisa's one and only focus has been working with moms to help them get fit and lose weight. She is the creator of Stroller Strides® and Fit4Baby® and the author of Lean Mommy. Lisa is the go-to for Hollywood and for fitness professionals when it comes to pre and postnatal fitness. She is an awarded fitness professional and has even been named by NBC as one of "America's Favorite Moms".

"When my son was born, I blended my passion for fitness with motherhood and started a program called Stroller Strides, a program specifically designed for moms. Since then, my programs have reached hundreds of thousands of moms and we've gotten them in the best shape of their lives. I learned how to get the best results for a mom's body and I've put these incredible principals together to create Mama Wants Her Body Back"
-Lisa Druxman
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